Tips for you:

How to choose your removal company:

Moving Home is a huge event. All of your precious possessions are going to be moved and you need to choose your removal company wisely.

Sophisticated and Impressive website! That’s the easy bit – anyone can have one of these it doesn’t mean they are going to provide the service you deserve.

1) Check to see if they have business premesis. After all, you can’t park large removal vehicles on your drive and one transit van doing lots of trips is unnecessary stress on the day when your purchaser is outside waiting to get in.

2) Are they V.A.T. registered? Smaller companies who do not need to be registered may not be equipped with adequate vehicles and staff to carry out some removals or those going distance. Overloading on smaller vans is a very real and potentially dangerous problem, not least it is illegal

3) Are their Staff trained? Untrained staff lack the knowledge required to move furniture safely without causing damage to goods or property often in quite tight spaces. It is not as easy as it looks!

4) Does the company have Insurance? Well vehicle insurance seems obvious but what about insurance for your goods and public liability insurance? We all hope it is never needed but a reputable, regulated company cannot trade without it, it safe guards both the customer and the company.

5) Is there feedback on the website? Yes? – that’s good, however if a company is a member of a governing body you will find feedback from customers on the organisations’ official website

6) Are they a well-established company – do you know how long have they been trading?
Consider how often you see their vehicles on the road or would your estate agent recommend them?

7) Have they been to see you to discuss all of your options and to check the volume of your goods and things like the access to your property? All of this can determine the size of the vehicle to be used or if multiple smaller vans would be needed.

8 ) Are they members of a Governing Body, are they Accredited and are they monitored by an Independent Regulatory Organisation?

These are just some of the things you need to check and if you answer No to any of them then take care, do more research and seek advice.

You should be fully informed and have confidence in the removal company you choose.